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Poland Today compiled this week's news from around the world about Poland.

Education is important in all countries. In Poland, however, it’s ingrained into the very fabric of the national character.

British historian and author, Adam Zamoyski, provides insights into his life as a descendant of the ancient Polish noble Zamoyski  family (...)

Marian Turski has more than defied the terrible odds stacked against him in his youth. Here his granddaughter Klaudia shares (...)

On 14 June 1985, the Racławice Panorama, initially based in Lwów – now modern-day Lviv in Ukraine - was reopened (...)

The political consequences of World War II kept Waldemar Świto and his father from ever meeting

Understanding the history of the Polish diaspora is the key to harnessing Poland's full business, intellectual and economic potential

To celebrate the return of an independent Poland following decades under the communist yoke, the nascent government in February 1990 (...)