Representing Commercial Real Estate

Paweł Toński and Agnieszka Jachowicz, Board Members of The Polish Chamber of Commercial Real Estate (PINK) share how they create a link between the real estate sector and the government to promote cooperation and assist with development.

April 10, 2019
On top with Down Under
On just about every level, Poland and Australia are poles apart, but somehow they share the same economic success story: 27 years of uninterrupted economic growth. What’s their secret? 15563.97 km and one hemisphere separate Warsaw and Canberra. Factor in environment, language, culture, sport, history and pierogi, and the divide is even larger. But there [...]
April 16, 2019
Inside S&P’s ratings calculator
Frank Gill, Senior Director at S&P Global Ratings, opens the bonnet to S&P’s ratings machine to reveal Poland’s sovereign risk outlook. S&P rated Poland at A- in 2007. That rating was maintained until early 2016 when it was downgraded to BBB+. Last October, S&P brought Poland back up to A-. You maintain that this doesn’t [...]
Written by: Richard Stephens