Olsztyn’s debut in multitenant facility market – 36,000 sqm Panattoni Park Olsztyn

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Olsztyn with its first multitenant warehouse facility. Panattoni Park Olsztyn, featuring in excess of 36,000 sqm in two buildings, is the first multitenant facility in Warmia and Mazury region. It marks a step forward in Panattoni’s expansion strategy in emerging markets and brings the region and its strengths to the attention of the industry.

According to Michał Samborski, Development Director, at Panattoni: “Olsztyn is the main and biggest city of Warmia and Mazury, the fourth largest voivodeship in Poland on the eastern edge of the European Union, bordering with the Kaliningrad oblast. Olsztyn itself is a major economic and academic centre in north-eastern Poland. Its location – right next to the S51 connecting the city with the S7 route, and therefore with Gdańsk – is particularly advantageous in the context of potential economic relations with both Russia and the Baltic States”.

An excellent location in north-eastern Poland. The advantages offered by Olsztyn’s location, as well as the population in the region of 125,000 people with a 9 per cent unemployment rate convinced the developer to go ahead with Panattoni Park Olsztyn. The project will be delivered in the Stawiguda commune, in the immediate vicinity of the Olsztyn Południe junction, connecting S51 with S16, approx. 20 km from the S7 route. The park lies just 7.5 km from the Olsztyn city centre, and 63 km from the Olsztyn-Mazury airport. The well-developed road infrastructure, especially the direct exit off the “Olsztyn Południe” junction, facilitates the commute to the Panattoni facility, while the proximity of universities and well-developed industry ensure the accessibility of a qualified labour pool. The high quality of life in Olsztyn and the surrounding area is an additional factor attracting young, well-educated workers.


“For more than 10 years, Poland has shown itself to be one of the best locations for businesses considering expansion in Europe. The key reasons for this include recent investments in the development of road infrastructure, transport capacity, attractive lease rates, and more than anything else, access to qualified workers. Having regard to the above, the choice of Olsztyn as our first investment in Europe was a very conscious decision on our part. In the years to come, we plan to become, like in the United States, a reliable employer with a strong position in the local market. Our new facility, furnished with modern sorting equipment, will create jobs for 80 people” said Andy Jaruga, owner of A&E Clothing.

“The customer came to us with a clearly defined development plan for the Polish market. The location of their sorting plant had to be relatively close to the port of Gdańsk, where their containers arrive from the United States, and provide free access to a qualified labour pool. Olsztyn ticked all the boxes and that is why today the city joins the A&E Clothing family and will represent it in Europe. The customer has ambitious plans, in which Poland features as the central hub supplying recycled clothes mainly to the markets of Africa, Asia and Europe,” added Danuta Dzierżak, Associate Director Industrial & Logistic, AXI IMMO.

Panattoni Park Olsztyn, offering more than 36,000 sqm, will comprise two class A warehouse facilities of approx. 24,000 sqm and 12,000 sqm. The layout of warehouse and office units can be adapted in a flexible manner to accommodate warehousing, storage as well as light manufacturing operations, which makes the park suitable for customers from different business sectors. It comes with convenient service yards, ground-level gates and LED lighting, satisfying quality criteria confirmed by BREEAM (Very Good) certification. The project will be implemented in several stages – the first tenants will able to move to in as early as August this year.

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