Creating new landmarks and revitalising old ones

When the subject of commercial property comes up in conversation, people usually talk about price per square metre, supply and demand, location and other vital topics. But the industry has so much more to offer, particularly in Poland, where real estate developers have been honing their skills over the last two decades. And what a run it has been! Yet despite years of constant innovation, the property industry in Poland still has aces up its sleeve, and keeps on coming up with inspirational projects – now more than ever. Warsaw is clearly leading the trend, with developers taking inspiration from the melting pot that is the Polish capital. Tenants are increasingly demanding space that matches the usability and high standards of their homes, while retaining the cutting-edge design of their aspirations. We chose a handful of projects that we feel are inspired in some way or another – by either breathing new life into an old, long-ignored site, or creating a new landmark destination where nothing stood before.


Tytus Brzozowski is the author of our cover. He is an architect and watercolourist who presents Warsaw as the city of his dreams: full of decorative buildings, narrow streets and soaring towers. Using the elements of architecture and landscape that are characteristic of Warsaw, he creates new worlds that, despite their fairytale nature, are still local. In Brzozowski’s paintings, you can find intriguing, surreal elements, hidden threads and events. More at:

April 12, 2017
Polish CEOs are falling behind the digital curve
We asked ourselves a pretty simple question: are Polish companies truly digital? How many of the top Polish businesses and CEOs are at the top of their game with digital communications? We were intrigued by this question, and when we did the homework the results surprised us. It seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Any top [...]
April 23, 2017
Bringing new soul to forgotten locations
Maciej Dyjas, Co-Managing Partner and Co-CEO, Griffin Real Estate, reveals plans for the ambitious retail scheme at the heart of Warsaw’s Wola district, and explains how the company balances its many interests. Towarowa is an ambitious project, right in the centre of Warsaw, but it’s still unclear what it will be. Can you give us [...]
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