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A chance for unity
Former President Aleksander Kwaśniewski talks about the challenges facing Poland and its new president, Andrzej Duda, in this exclusive interview with Poland Today editor in chief Richard Stephens
Poland Today ma...
Duda’s regional focus
Poland Today magazine #10
The next transformation
Poland Today magazine #10
How to sustain the boom
The business services industry has been one of the great positive surprises for the Polish economy over the last 10 years. Here’s how Poland can keep investment in the sector flowing
Poland Today magazine #10
Diving into Warsaw’s deep talent pool
The capital’s huge supply of well educated, skilled labour is the key advantage that will make it a European hub for complex business services in coming years
Poland Today magazine #10
Weapon of choice
Russia has been waging an information war in Poland and across the region. How should the country respond?
Poland Today magazine #10
Fuel to spare
Young Polish engineers are building ultra-efficient cars, and getting plenty of educational mileage out of the experience
Poland Today magazine #10
Eyewitness: Władysław Bartoszewski
Władysław Bartoszewski was never officially a professor, but he had plenty to teach us
Poland Today magazine #10
Banking on a challenging year
The past several years have been good to Poland’s lenders. But lower interest rates and new regulations could mean that will change in 2015
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Transformational expertise
The story of Elzab, a Polish IT company whose business model has undergone several successful transitions, offers lessons for how other Polish firms can meet future challenges
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Lost and found
A Kraków start-up is creating solutions to help you find all of the things you have left behind
World now more open for Poles
The Polish passport is among the 10 most powerful travel documents in the world
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The subway surge
The development of the second line of the Metro is giving a boost to formerly neglected districts of Warsaw
Silesia: The Money Pit
Although there seems to be a universal agreement among experts and politicians that Poland's top priority in the coming decade should be innovation and R&D, the innovators have too little bargaining
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Event serves up an ace for kids charity
JLL’s 5th annual charity beach volleyball tournament raised a record amount for the financing of a new children’s home
Reaching for the stars
What are Poles good at? In this week's Business Review+ Poland Today Editor Andrew Kureth writes that we are beginning to forget one important area where Poles have always excelled: scientific
Poland Today magazine #8
Room to grow
With the tourism industry picking up in Poland, there is room for new hotel developments in the country, said participants in the Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland conference organised by Poland Today in Warsaw at the beginning of June
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Regions on investors’ map
Record investment volumes this year will be driven by investors heading to Poland’s regional cities
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A wish for unity
Poland Today sits down with foreigners living in Poland with a unique perspective