World of a difference

The road to an ecological revolution is long, but Polish companies are determined to reduce the carbon footprint one light bulb and tyre at a time. 

Low-battery and no wi-fi are #firstworldproblems that SEEDiA aims to solve with its innovative solar-powered furniture. The company designs and produces intelligent, urban infrastructure with features such as USB mobile chargers, Internet hot-spots, and sensors which monitor smog, weather and usage. Outdoor benches and info kiosks powered by renewable energy decrease the use of electricity and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Saule Technologies

A team of 20 scientists from 10 countries developed cost-competitive and versatile solar energy harvesting technology. As one of the first companies in the world working on the commercialisation of perovskites in the new generation of photovoltaic cells, Saule Technologies uses ink-jet printing to produce flexible, light-weight solar modules. Its application in the construction industry can lower energy costs and transform buildings into sustainable structures.


Discarded tires are a global issue so a startup created a safe and cost-effective method for processing rubber waste. By improving the thermal treatment, Syntoil developed recycling systems that use the continuous pyrolysis process and subject rubber granules to high temperatures in cylindrical reactors. These systems function continuously and do not allow poisonous gases and harmful dust to escape, unlike traditional reactors.


Air pollution is one of the world’s largest environmental health risks. Airly monitors and informs people about air quality. With over 2,200 sensors installed and real-time data gathered at street level, it detects the main sources of pollution. The system is fully integrated – from equipment to software – and advanced analytics, forecast and comprehensive maps are available on the website and mobile app.

LUG Light Factory

Lighting in public spaces is essential but drains electricity. LUG aims to reduce energy consumption with LED and IoT technology to increase efficiency while lowering CO2 emissions. With remote management and diagnostics of lighting systems, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 70% compared to conventional light technology. LUG’s smart lighting solutions improve safety and comfort while making public spaces more attractive.

PRE Edward Biel

In line with the push toward electromobility, PRE Edward Biel is the first Polish producer of electric car charging stations. Instead of plastic elements, the stations are solely made from ecological materials such as aluminium and hardened glass. The EVB stations are fitted with a GPS localiser, safety camera, Wi-Fi access point, and connection to the 112 emergency line.

Górażdże Cement

In partnership with Skanska, Górażdże Cement developed a concrete pavement which reduces air pollution at the Generation Park office complex in Warsaw. The pavement breaks down harmful NOx particles from car exhausts into neutral nitrogen compounds. This concrete is currently being tested and will be implemented at all new Skanska office projects in the CEE where air quality is poor due to smog.


An automatic waste-sorting device takes the guesswork out of recycling. Bin-e is a smart bin that segregates and compresses refuse to save space and decrease the frequency of waste removal. When an item is tossed into the bin, Bin-e identifies the type of waste using AI and image processing and automatically separates the materials. An IoT platform is used for waste management operations.

December 07, 2018
Angels in Poland

International angel investors are hungry for future-altering technologies in innovation hubs and one UK-based company is harnessing Poland’s startup potential.   With a vision for expansion in Poland, Jack Thompson, Head of Investor Relations at Angels Den, is determined to give Polish startups a fighting chance against the world’s top innovative competitors searching for investors. In […]

August 05, 2019
Łódź steps up to test 5G
Big players are preparing to roll out 5G technology in Poland and through a pilot programme, the city of Łódź will have its finger on the pulse. The city of Łódź in central Poland has made a strong case for itself as a budding start-up, tech environment by becoming a pilot city for the 5G [...]
Written by: Monica Zielinski