Virtual war, Mazury airshow, heatwave drownings

Poland Today compiled this week’s news from around the world about Poland.
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Virtual Reality of the Warsaw Uprising  
The Times of Israel (Israel)

The ruins of Warsaw in 1944 have been brought back to life with a new virtual reality component of the Warsaw Uprising Museum. “We no longer have to ask ourselves what we would have done had we been there,” said Tomasz Dobosz, the film’s creator. “We feel like we’re actually there at that time, which enables a sensitive viewer to experience the decisions he would have made.” While the scenes in the 15-minute film are fictional, they refer to a real event experienced by the insurgent Wladyslaw Sieroszewski, who survived being shot in the heart by Germans.

City of Gizycko hosts Mazury AirShow 
Xin Hua News (China)

Crowds of spectators, pilots, and media from around the world convened in Gizycko, Poland, for the Mazury AirShow. The show is organized by aviation enthusiasts and takes place over a lake, making it accessible to spectators on the beach, pier, benches, or watercraft. The Mazury AirShow has taken place every summer for twenty consecutive years.

Poland counts about 250 drowning victims since April  
Business Day (South Africa)

The bodycount for drowning victims in Poland has risen to 250 between the months of April and August of 2018. “For years now the main cause of drownings has remained the same: people go for a swim after consuming alcohol,” said national police spokesperson Marzena Orzynska. Polish police reported that the drownings usually occur in unsupervised areas, such as lakes and rivers, more so than in the sea.

Poland identifies British fake recycling scandal
The Telegraph (United Kingdom)

Polish authorities claim that over 1,000 tons of waste from Great Britain have been incorrectly labeled as recyclable plastic. As a result, three British companies that ship recyclables to Poland are being investigated for participation in a “fake recycling” scandal by the UK’s Environment Agency.

Discovery of unexploded WWII bomb leads to mass evacuation  
The New York Post 

After the discovery of a 250-kilogram, unexploded World War II-era bomb, Polish police report that about 2,000 to 3,000 people are being evacuated from the town of Glogow. The bomb was found in the Oder River, an area of southwestern Poland that belonged to Germany during WWII, during a cleaning of the river bottom. Three WWII-era bombs have already been found in the region before this current discovery.


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Written by: Taylor Chin