Trump addresses Poles during first visit in Poland as president

President Donald J. Trump stopped in Warsaw, Poland last week before heading to the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. Poles from all over the country made their way to Krasiński Square for a chance to see the U.S. president. The event took place in front of the Warsaw Uprising Monument which commemorated those who fought and died during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

Poland Today had the chance to view the historical address among locals and spectators. On a sunny, warm July afternoon, a crowd gathered on the streets leading up to the square. On Ul. Długa, a block away from the venue, people watched and listened to the address from a screen. Folks waved white and red, and red, white and blue flags in the air as American music played through the speakers before the politicians took the stage. During President Trump’s speech, people cheered his name, applauded and stood solemnly.

After the speech, Poland Today asked Poles what they thought about President Trump and his address.


Krystyna and Roman came from Bydgoszcz for President Trump’s visit.

Krystyna, from Bydgoszcz, Poland 
“We came here especially for this. We are very pleased that Mr. President visited our country and that he is knows we are an unbreakable nation, that we fight for our worth, and speaking of our worth, throughout history we did a lot – not just for our nation, our sovereignty, but for the whole world. We are thankful that Mr. President visited us; it’s a historical visit and I think some good will come out of it. Hopefully.”

Roman, from Bydgoszcz, Poland
“From a political aspect, we know a portion of Americans don’t support President Trump, as in Poland, the opposition doesn’t support the government so he faces the same political issues as in Poland and he understands our government. I think he came here to lift us up and say we’re headed in the right direction. He chose this place himself – where soldiers in the uprising stood and next to the monument, he probably felt how much Poland did for Europe. If we do have the Three Seas Initiative, we will be a stronger Europe. Let’s hope that happens.”

Ola and Łukasz are high school students who protested President Trump’s visit to Poland.

Łukasz, High School Student 
“We came to protest Donald Trump who is one of the worst presidents in the history of the country. His actions are harming the climate and the planet, but besides that, he’s sexist, oligarchic; you can’t really say anything good about him…He was welcomed by the supporters of the current government who believe Poland will be a partner with the United States.  I think the older generation is set in its ways and traditions. Our generation is more liberal and older people, for the most part are conservative – which connects them to Trump, so that’s the main reason Polish people support him.”

Ola, High School Student  
“We weren’t in the center so we’ll probably watch the speech on the internet when we get home. I didn’t invite him here and I’m not amused that he’s in Poland. Youth in Poland is heavily divided. Those who support PiS, will also support Trump and we look at this with horror at what might happen. ”

Jarosław Płociennik, from Rawicz

Jarosław Płociennik came today to support Trump.

“I came out today for two reasons: first of all, I am a Pole, a patriot, and Donald Trump is also a patriot and he’s very close to my heart. He aligns with the ideals of the current government in Poland and I 100 percent support Donald Trump’s politics and that’s why by attending, I celebrate him. I hope he helps Poland and I think right now, we have a very big chance with Donald Trump – we’re counting on it. There were many beautiful words spoken but I hope it will finally happen. I like his style in politics – you have to be tough, speak clearly and that’s what he did.”

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Written by: Monica Zielinski

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