TDJ Investments: going long on traditional values

For over 40 years, TDJ has been investing in various enterprises. It has managed nearly $1bn worth of assets and employs over 7,000 people in its portfolio companies.
For TDJ, success starts with investment, development and acquisition, but family always comes first. Today, the Katowice-based business is one of the leading investment companies in the CEE.

TDJ is a family-owned investment company. How did it start?

Our story dates back to 1977 when the founders, brothers Jacek and Michał Domogała, started a business cultivating asparagus and cloves. They moved from the horticultural sector and pursued other ventures. Jacek followed his instincts and invested in everything from a car metal pressing plant, a footwear factory and even the production of ready meals. He spent the 90s dealing with investments, creating new companies, developing business ventures and purchasing other companies.

In 2010, his son, Tomasz took over the reins and began transforming our company into a family business that invests in various types of assets. TDJ has five companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and since 2018, we have created a new business strategy which includes five defined investment areas: equity, Venture, Estate, Finance and Foundation.

What is your aim as a company?

We are committed to being the preferred investor and creating significant added value for our partners. People are at the foundation of TDJ’s activities and we understand the needs of Polish entrepreneurs because we often share similar experiences. We believe in the efficiency of private capital and we’re an example of how a Polish business can stay ahead of trends even though the share of private companies in the creation of Polish GDP is still lower than in other developed companies. We want to change this in the coming years with our partners.

TDJ is a family owned investment company which is active in many sectors of the economy. One aspect of the company invests in shares of mature companies as a strategic shareholder, while another focuses on investing in innovative, technological startups with the potential for global development. In addition, TDJ has a branch dedicated to real estate investments as well as one for educational programmes and scholarships.

What is your perception of Millennials in terms of business?

TDJ is built on the work of different generations. We draw on the experience and wisdom of our elders but at the same time, we use the openness and fresh ideas of the younger part of the team. Based on our experience, Millennials are people who have studied at foreign universities but decided to return to Poland to build a career path here.

They are highly educated and possess all the predispositions to succeed. Poland is no longer a country made up of cheap labour or dependent on the know-how transferred from the West. Young Poles are some of the most active and successful startup entrepreneurs worldwide, and for new Polish ventures, the world is their oyster. They dare to conquer the world at full speed and without any complexes.

What is your family’s philosophy in business?

Relationships, closeness and trust are important in every family. And we would also add that the most important thing for an entrepreneur is passion – you have to love what you do, want to grow and work hard.

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