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Real estate consultancy and brokerage firm Axi Immo published 10 striking facts about the Polish warehouse market that have changed (...)

Mennica Legacy Tower in Warsaw's Wola district is a new addition to the city's rising skyline.

Transaction insurance should be a last resort, not a first port of call, in real estate transactions.

Poland has come a long way over the last century, but there is room for improvement.

Agnieszka Krzekotowska advocates renovating pre-war structures to their former glory.

For the 5th edition of The CEE Summit, global investors and CEE market leaders explored ‘New Europe’.

A haven of home, work and community in the heart of Warsaw.

The structure of The Warsaw HUB complex is rising before our eyes.

S+B GRUPPE AG has acquired the building Senatorska 18 from Commerz Real.

A record-breaking 767,000 PLN was raised by the participants of the 9th Charity Real Estate Beach Volleyball Tournament organised by (...)

Global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield was appointed as an exclusive commercialisation agent for building “B” of the (...)

Helaba and pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank have jointly underwritten an investment facility to finance four office properties in Poland.

IMMOBEL Poland is finalising the revitalisation and development of CEDET.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner called on government and business leaders to embrace emerging technology and markets.

Poland Today’s presence at MIPIM 2018 generated a lot of memorable moments. Watch the video here.

President of SIOR in Europe, Renata Osiecka, talks to Poland Today about the organisation's aims and its upcoming conference in (...)

NEINVER is intensifying activities focused on developing the shopping experience of outlet customers in Central Europe.

The first phase of the .KTW project being implemented by TDJ Estate in the heart of Katowice has been completed.

Jakub Jędrys has joined real estate advisory firm Savills as head of its project management team to deliver comprehensive construction (...)

Sale of stake in Central Europe’s tallest office tower is one of the country’s largest office real estate transactions in (...)

Central Point is being constructed in a strategic location in the capital - where some of the major arteries of (...)

Intensive works to build the 140-meter high tower and 43-meter high lower part of the complex, the so-called Western Building, (...)

In a bid to grow its presence in Europe, The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) has announced a (...)

Colliers International, a commercial real estate advisory company, will provide property management services to Europejski multifunctional project in Warsaw - (...)

The Polish property market is beginning to join the 21st century

Just like residential architecture experienced a transformation with the advent of open plans, office design has experienced a transformation as (...)

From fitout to future of the real estate market, Rajmund Węgrzynek shares his insights.

Poland gets its first nomination for the Best Industrial & Logistics Development in MIPIM Awards.

Janusz Dzianachowski and Monika Lerka from Linklaters law firm explain how to tax transfers these days.

Hadley Dean, CEO of Echo Polska Properties (EPP), talks about the company’s plans to dominate the country’s retail market, and (...)