Skanska unveils Brama Miasta development in Łódź

Łódź continues to attract investors and several development projects are underway. As one of the favourites to host Expo 2022, the world’s most important fair event, all eyes are on this Polish city. On Monday, Skanska Property Poland presented the largest office investment in Nowe Centrum Łodzi (NCŁ) — Brama Miasta. The development and construction group hosted a premiere event to showcase the new project. Bramy Miasta is Skanska’s second development in the largest urban revitalization project in Central Europe.

Arkadiusz Rudzki, Skanska

“We were one of the first major players from the developer market to believe in the potential of this city,” said Arkadiusz Rudzki, Managing Director at Skanska Property Poland. “Today, Łódź is a significant business location in the CEE region. The city’s strength is confirmed not only by its central location and excellent communication links with the rest of Europe but also – and primarily – its people. Brama Miasta will be an attractive place for business and residents alike as it will be a vibrant location during and after office hours.”

Located next to the largest underground railway station in Poland Dworzec Fabryczny, NCŁ is a multifunctional project that will include offices, services and residential facilities. Łódź is the location for service centres of companies such as Fujitsu, Xerox, Accenture, Cybercom, Whirlpool and Infosys.

“Łódź is often referred to as ‘the last undiscovered city,’” said Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Łódź. “Today, it’s not only attracting investors but residents and tourists as well. A city does not merely consist of structures but also the people who live here. Brama Miasta will be an example of such a space – both modern and vibrant.”

Skanska’s first office development in NCŁ, Nowa Fabryczna, is already nearly 100 percent leased. Once Brama Miasta is completed, the two office buildings will have a total leasing space of 40,000 sqm and each will be 15 floors above ground. With public patios, cafeterias and seasonal activities, Brama Miasta is intended to be more than an office investment. Designed by architects from Medusa Group, the building’s façade will be covered with a layer of rust coloured corten steel and brick to correlate with the aesthetics of Łódź’s manufacturing traditions.

“Łódź is a multicultural city, a patchwork which, just like the Silesian metropolis that I grew up in and live in today, needs attractive shared spaces, meeting places, open passages and squares for local citizens and visitors,” said Przemo Łukasik, an architect at Medusa Group Studio. “Brama Miasta serves as one of these places because, as I understand it, what Łódź needs today is a new concept of ‘glass houses.’ Brama Miasta is the example of a new, broad way of thinking about the city and its future inhabitants and employees. The architecture of this building is supposed to be simple and futureproof, covered with corten steel – a modern raw material in the colour of bricks that historically define Łódź’s heritage.”

Brama Miasta – visualisation

Photo Credit: Skanska 

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