Silesia surprises, Chopin contest, going green

The journalist visited Krakow during his five day stay in Poland.
Poland Today compiled this week’s news from around the world about Poland.
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The Silesia region of Poland offers culinary delights, fascinating history and beautiful monuments
The Scottish Sun (Scotland)

The Scottish Sun journalist Graham Mann embarked on a journey of flavour and culture in the Silesia region of Poland and shared his experience of beer drinking, pierogi making and sightseeing through the eyes of a tourist from Scotland. Mann describes the highlights of his five-day trip to Kraków and Katowice and said, “Even after spending a few hours [in Kraków] strolling through this warren of new sights and sounds it felt like I’d just scratched the surface. I’d jump at the chance to return again and again.”

Poland holds 1st Chopin contest on historical instruments
The Washington Post (USA)

In an effort to revive 19th century music, the first Chopin Competition on Period Instruments has begun at the National Philharmonic building in Warsaw. Thirty musicians from the U.S., Japan, China, Russia and Europe will play pieces by Chopin, Johan Sebastian Bach and other composers of the time on original and reconstructed period instruments, including Erard and Pleyel pianos.

Poland joins Spanish owner CAF at wheel of top bus maker

Earlier this week, Spanish train maker CAF bought Solaris, Poland’s largest electric bus manufacturer for 300 million euros. The following day, Poland took a 35% stake in the company as part of its efforts to cut carbon dioxide emissions and keep production in Poland. This decision is in line with the ruling party’s mission to make the country less dependent on foreign investors than in the past.

Poland’s pro-coal government goes green
Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Poland’s upper house of parliament recently approved a new renewable energy law that will make clean-power investments more easily implemented in an effort to meet its EU commitment of 15% of renewables by 2020. Polish energy group PGE’s director of strategy said, “By diversifying sources used to generate power and incorporating offshore wind, Poland may be able to reduce the share of coal in its energy mix even below the 60% currently expected by the government in 2030.”

Economic Forum participants discuss Belt and Road Initiative in Poland
Xinhuanet (China)

Thousands of guests from all over the world gathered in Krynica Poland for the 28th edition of Economic Forum where politicians, business leaders and experts discussed major topics including the Belt and Road initiative. During two panels, speakers talked about the plans and partners and determined the B&R “works as a powerful driver for trade and investments.”

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Written by: Monica Zielinski