Ronson Europe names new CEO

Tomasz Łapiński, management board member and CFO of Ronson Europe, will become the new CEO of the Company.
Tomasz Łapiński, CEO of Ronson Europe.

Łapiński, at Ronson since 2008, will replace Shraga Weisman, who will remain available to the Company in order to ensure a smooth transition of duties. Rami Geris, at the Company since 2007, will join Ronson’s management board to act as CFO.

On April 27 Shraga Weisman tendered his resignation from the post of management board member and CEO, but will remain available to the management board until end-May, or longer if necessary, in order to ensure a smooth transition of duties.

At the same time, the company’s supervisory board recommended to the general meeting that Tomasz Łapiński, CFO and management board member of the Company, be appointed CEO. The supervisory board also recommends appointing Rami Geris, currently the firm’s financial controller, as management board member and CFO.

Tomasz Łapiński and Rami Geris have worked at the company since 2008 and 2007, respectively.

“On behalf of the management board, the supervisory board, my own and of our employees, I would like to cordially thank Shraga Weisman for years of fruitful cooperation and for his contribution to the development of our company,” said Ronson Europe management board member Tomasz Łapiński. “I am honored that the supervisory board recommended me as candidate for the post of CEO. I would like to ensure our shareholders, clients and employees that we will continue to develop and strengthen the position of Ronson Development in the Polish residential market. The Company will be managed by people who have worked here for many years. Combining their knowledge and competence with the support of Mr. Amos Luzon, the leading shareholder, will allow to fully exploit the potential of our Company and of its assets.”

By decision of the supervisory board, Tomasz Łapiński became acting CEO and Remi Geris became acting CFO. Their official appointment to these positions is planned during nearest general shareholders meeting.

Ronson Europe’s management board is currently also composed of Andrzej Gutowski, managing director A and head of sales and marketing, at the company since 2003, as well as Erez Tik and Alon Haver, managing directors B. In March 2017 Erez Tik and Alon Haver were appointed management board members as a result of ownership changes which took place at Ronson at the turn of 2016/2017. After the company bought back and redeemed shares owned by Global City Holdings, the stake of the leading industry shareholder, i.e. Luzon Group, increased from nearly 40 percent to over 66 percent.

Press release by Ronson Europe. 

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