Poland’s business expansion

What is Poland’s strategy for global business and economic expansion? Dr Krzysztof Senger, Executive Vice President of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) discusses helping Polish companies to understand foreign markets and attracting FDI.

July 16, 2019
Energy in Poland
Energy in Poland: What lies ahead at a time of great changes? Joanna Maćkowiak Pandera PhD, President of Forum Energii, and Robert Tomaszewski, Senior Analyst for the Energy Sector at Polityka Insight talk about rising electricity prices, coal dependency, air pollution, and other issues.
August 13, 2019
Solidarity Transport Hub Poland
Poland aims to take advantage of its central position and construct a new airport hub along with modern railways that connect major cities to that hub. Piotr Malepszak, Acting President of Solidarity Transport Hub Poland, sits down with Richard Stephens to discuss the mega project.
Written by: Poland Today Team