Panattoni Europe will build Intersnack Poland warehouse

Panattoni Europe has embarked on the development of a warehouse project in the BTO formula for Intersnack Poland.

Panattoni Europe will develop a warehouse facility ordered by Intersnack Poland, a leading manufacturer of savoury snacks and owner of such brands as Felix, Crispers and Przysnacki. The facility totalling in excess of 10,000 sqm will be built in Nysa, in the vicinity of the company’s existing factory. The two facilities, old and new, will be connected by an elevated passageway for transporting goods, at 4.5 m above ground level. As a result, the modern complex will enable flexible and efficient management of the finished-product flows into the warehouse, and consequently efficient distribution throughout the Polish market. The building will feature flooring meeting enhanced flatness standards and LED lighting with motion sensors. The project finds itself approx. 4 km from the bypass of Nysa which facilitates access to the A4 motorway crossing Poland from east to west. Completion of construction works is planned for March 2019.

Intersnack Poland decided to leverage the developer’s many years’ experience and skill in developing facilities in the BTS and BTO formula. Panattoni Europe has been tasked not only with supervising the construction, acceptance of the finished facility and hand-over to the client, but also with carrying out the legal and administrative procedures – including those specific to brownfield investments. The developer converted the land on which the new facility will be built and restored it to the condition amenable to the construction of a modern warehouse. But according to Marek Foryński, Managing Director BTS Group at Panattoni Europe: “The greatest challenge during the development for Intersnack Poland will be to build a warehouse next to an operational manufacturing plant. We will have to relocate the supply systems of the plant, including electricity and water, as well as the sewer system, and also build a passageway above the main internal transport route without interrupting the planned production process”.

“The construction of a warehouse adjacent to the factory was dictated by organic growth within Intersnack, and the new facility will help streamline processes and generate savings. Panattoni has demonstrated a high level of commitment and presented solutions which will make it possible to deliver the building in a very short time and without affecting ongoing operations,” says Joanna Choromańska, Senior Business Development BTS Manager JLL.

Source: Panattoni Europe

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