Panattoni Europe grips the logistics sector in central Poland

Lodz central logistics hub by Panattoni Europe
The Central European Logistic Hub at Jędrzejowska Street is the largest distribution center in Poland.
Łódź is returning to its roots as an industrial district and is strengthening its position as a CEE distribution stronghold with the construction of Panattoni Europe’s 600,000 sqm Central European Logistics Hub.   

The massive investment is one of Europe’s largest logistics complexes and ultimately, Panattoni Europe aims to build over one million sqm of industrial and logistics space in Łódź. With a network of innovative manufacturing and warehouse facilities, this new industrial district of Łódź will potentially create 7,000 jobs and attract internationally-recognised tenants which export globally. Ahead of the ‘Poland & CEE: Co-building the Belt & Road’ conference in Warsaw, Poland Today spoke to Panattoni Europe’s CEO and speaker at the event, Robert Dobrzycki, about the developer’s recent project.

How does the Central European Logistic Hub fit into the wider plan for Poland as a transport hub in the CEE?

Let’s start with the fact that the Central European Logistics Hub is perfectly located in Central Poland, with access to the intersection of the European east-west and north-south routes. At the same time, the location within the city limits makes it easier for companies to carry out production and storage activities while providing quick and easy access to work for employees. That’s why a lot of companies have found their place here, such as BSH Sprzęt Gospodarstwa Domowego. We built them a 79,000 sqm logistics centre that has its own railway siding and we are currently building a dishwasher factory of 58,500 sqm – the company’s largest production plant. From here BSH will export products not only to European countries but also to markets around the world.

What kind of clients are you looking for? How do they differ from clients at your other locations?

The Logistics Hub will be a place for companies that operate in very different industries and on a varied scale. The offer is addressed to both those who need big-boxes, as well as smaller sub-suppliers which fill orders for companies such as BSH. Apart from them, Media Expert has a distribution centre of 73,400 sqm dedicated to multiple sales channels, and SMYK has a 70,000 sqm distribution and online store service centre.

Why Łódź?  In addition to its central location and industrial history, what other factors contributed to the decision to build such a large hub in this location?

Łódź is located in the middle of Poland and therefore of Europe, and is characterised by dynamic infrastructure development. It’s next to the intersection of the most important highways with a European range – A1 and A2, as well as the S8 and S14 expressways. The city also has a vibrant academic community and I cannot imagine a better location not only for logistics, but also for industry and production. The success of the investment is also in large part down to the local authorities – to their goodwill and willingness to act. I can honestly say that cooperation with the city is exceptional in the context of Poland, due both to good practice and to remarkable efficiency. Despite the size of the city and the city hall, the office of investor services is very efficient here. There is always a positive atmosphere around the investment.

Robert Dobrzycki, CEO, Panattoni Europe

What does the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ mean to you?

The Belt and Road Initiative is primarily another opportunity for Poland, the region and the industrial real estate industry. Thanks to this initiative, we should enter a new era. That’s why I hope that Poland will use its strategic location in Europe to start a new economic cooperation with Asia and continue to develop infrastructure which will allow us to become an essential link of the BRI. As an industrial developer, we are in general thinking about this initiative and alternative intercontinental cooperation. We hope for further infrastructure improvements and are ready for any kind of demand for warehouse space which results.

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