Nissan journey, labour pinch, looted artwork

Marek Kaminski is an explorer whose three-month journey in an electric car made headlines. Photo: Nissan
Poland Today compiled this week’s news from around the world about Poland.
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This guy drove from Poland to Japan in a Nissan Leaf
Top Gear Philippines

On his latest expedition, Marek Kaminski drove 16,000 km in three months across eight countries and two continents to get to Japan with zero tailpipe emissions. By driving a Nissan Leaf, he wanted to “demonstrate the feasibility of zero-emission travel by electric car.”

Incredible Shrinking Workforce Adds Strain to Polish Labor Pinch

Recent data shows Poland’s registered jobless rate in July was at a record low, and the with the number of newly unemployed is down by 10% from last year. Meanwhile, Poland’s participation rate is rising but is still behind the EU average.

Poland to impose exit tax on firms and individuals – draft
Channel News Asia

Companies and rich individuals may be taxed up to 19% for moving assets or business abroad under proposed legislation. The finance ministry wants to implement the European Union’s tax evasion directive but some experts say this ‘exit tax’ may deter foreign companies from doing business in Poland.

Poland expects new pension scheme to boost its bourse

This week, the Polish government adopted the Employees Capital Pension Scheme that is expected to come into effect in January 2019. Under the approved plan, Poles will be able to contribute more to their pensions. The scheme is expected to give a boost to the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Looted artworks returned to Poland (Video)
Deutsche Welle

After discovering his grandfather’s 1,400 photographs taken after the German invasion of Warsaw at the start of World War II, one German man learned an oil painting in his home was stolen during the war. He returned the painting to Nowy Sącz where it was created by a local artist, over 70 years since it was looted.

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Written by: Monica Zielinski