Nation of cities: Gdańsk

Gdańsk’s historical Old Town is located at the Motława River

Gdańsk is the home of Poland’s shipbuilding industry and the birthplace of the Solidarność movement. It is also the main city of the Tri-City conurbation.

Population: 464,000 (1.1 m people in the whole Tri-City conurbation)

Unemployment rate: 2.6%

Average salary: 5,312 zł / €1,280

Institutions of tertiary education: 13

Students in tertiary education: 67,000

 Museum of the Second World War

Olivia Star, the flagship office tower of Olivia Business Centre, the largest business centre in Northern Poland

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, Mayor of Gdańsk:
“(We stand for an) open Gdańsk. A city that will look after everyone, where everyone – from a child to a senior citizen – will feel good. It is not only about the social aspect, but also about investments that serve everyone. In the previous campaign under Paweł Adamowicz we talked about the city of our dreams – a city that will move from the first league to the champions league of European cities. This is the dream and the goal we pursue.”

Granaria by Immobel, a comprehensive urban concept, which will include
apartments, commercial and service facilities and a modern hotel

Concept of Nautilus Gdańsk by PFI Future S.A.,
the multifunctional building for recreation and leisure

August 08, 2019
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