Marshal announces ‘Lodzkie in Good Health’ project in Lodz

Witold Stępień, Marshal of the Lodzkie Region, announced guidelines for a new, health-related project at the X European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2017. 

At the Forum on Tuesday, 17 October, Stępień said ‘Lodzkie in Good Health’, which will focus on the needs of the ageing society, will be implemented in the region, in partnership with the National Centre for Research and Development (NCRD). Marshal Witold Stępień and Professor Maciej Chorowski, NCRD Director, presented guidelines for the project at the press conference during the X European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2017.

Marshal Witold Stępień and Professor Maciej Chorowski at European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2017.

“Our project partner – the local government – is defining certain interests on the local level, by indicating the needs that can be satisfied, if the local industrial, economic and scientific capacities are efficiently used,” said Professor Maciej Chorowski. “NCRD, on our part, is developing a certain research envelope for these capacities, by co-financing the research and development effort. In effect, technologies are transferred to those users who really pursue local goals. As a result, the R&D work is strictly implementation-oriented. It is an investment intended to lead to the expected effect. In this case – it is the improvement of the health of people in Lodzkie – the Region, that showed initiative and was able to define its needs.”

”Lodzkie in Good Health’  will cover health issues, health care services, pharmacy, active ageing. NCRD and the Lodzkie Region will contribute PLN 50 million each to the project budget, which means that even PLN 100 million can be assigned to the best R&D projects,” Marshal Witold Stępień announced. “The contribution of the Lodzkie Region will be sourced from the Regional Operational Programme funds. We hope to go beyond the limits of the region and to engage the resources of the whole country, so as to increase the effectiveness of the solutions to be developed under the project,” he added.

“Lodzkie in Good Health” will take place in the years 2017-2027. Grant competitions for the medical and pharmaceutical sector in the Lodzkie Region will be announced in the first quarter of 2018.

European Economic Forum

The jubilee edition of the X European Economic Forum – Lodzkie 2017, organised by the Lodzkie Region, was attended by representatives of business, including directors and managers of SMEs, scientists, local government representatives, politicians, representatives of public institutions and journalists.The agenda comprised more than 30 debates and panel discussions.

The reality of the 4th industrial revolution, its impact on the nearest economic future, competing in the digital age and Finance 3.0 – these and other topics were discussed by business representatives, economists and scientists during the second day of the X European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2017.

Plenary session: Finance 3.0

The situation in the banking sector in Poland in the face of the growing competition from Fintechs – financial companies whose activity is based on new technologies – was discussed at the plenary session closing the X European Economic Forum Lodzkie 2017. The Finance 3.0 debate was joined by eminent alumni of the University of Lodz – the incubator for finance and banking leaders. The University was the patron of the session.

“The advantage of banks over other companies in the past was due to the fact that banks had much more information about their clients than any other company,” said prof. Witold Orłowski, Chief Economic Adviser of PwC. “Meanwhile, we entered a world, where most information about us is possessed not even by our family, but by Google or Facebook. Imperceptibly, we have given away a substantial portion of knowledge about ourselves, our privacy, to various business entities that will be using this knowledge in many different ways. Banks should see a serious competitor in Facebook.”

The challenges resulting from this situation for the banking sector, the problem of trust in the financial sector, education of the future banking staff and the changing expectations of new generations – these topics were discussed by: Cezary Kocik – Deputy CEO of mBank SA, prof. Monika Marcinkowska – Head of the Institute of Finance at the University of Lodz and Jarosław Kroc – CEO of Accenture Polska, Tomasz Bogus – CEO of BGŻ BNP Paribas SA,   Arkadiusz Przybył – Member of the Managing Board of BZ WBK SA, Karol Mazurek – Managing Director of Management & Technology Consulting, Accenture and Przemysław Andrzejczak – President of the Lodz Agency of Regional Development.

The jubilee, X European Economic Forum, organised by the Lodzkie Region on 16 and 17 October 2017 at Vienna House Andel’s Lodz Hotel, was attended by a record-breaking number of 3,000 registered participants. Owing to the funds provided by the European Union (the European Regional Development Fund) and by the Lodzkie Region local government (We Are Changing Lodzkie with the European Funds), the event attendance was free of charge.

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