Law & Justice wins re-election to continue majority government

Poland took to the polls on Sunday to vote in the parlimentary elections. 

According to Poland’s National Electoral Commission, and with votes still being counted, the ruling Law & Justice party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość – PiS) won re-election on Sunday 13 October as the governing power with 43.5% share of the votes for the lower house of parliament (Sejm), as of midday on Monday 14 October. The opposition Civic Coalition is in 2nd position with 27.4% support. A group of left-wing parties under the ‘Lewica’ banner – including SLD and Robert Biedroń’s ‘Spring’ (Wiosna) party – is polling 3rd with 12.5%, followed by the agrarian PSL party – allied with the Kukiz 15 party – with an 8.5% share. The far-right Confederation (Konfederacja) has just over 6.8%.

Law & Justice had over 8 million votes, enabling it to continue as the majority government. The party has 235 seats in the 460-strong lower chamber (Sejm), surpassing the threshold of the 231 seats needed. Civic Coalition has 134 seats, SLD/Lewica has 49 seats, PSL/Kukiz 30 seats and Confederation 11 seats. 

Although the ruling party has the upper hand in the Sejm, it lost the Senate – the upper house of parliament which has the power to amend and delay lower house legislation and block changes to the constitution. The Senate has 100 seats and PiS won 48 in this election.  

With a 61.7% turnout, this has been the highest turnout for parliamentary elections since the fall of communism in 1989. The figure for the 2015 election was around 51%. In the end, 18,678,457 ballots have been counted. The number of people entitled to vote is 30,253,556. The city with the biggest voter turnout was Warsaw with 77%. Next was Poznań (73.9%) followed by Gdańsk (72.5%). The lowest turnout was Białystok (65.7%). The voivodeship with the highest turnout was Mazowieckie (69%) while the lowest turnout was seen in Opolskie (52.9%). The voter turnout between people living in cities versus the countryside was – cities (64.4%), countryside (56.7%), but the percentage of eligible voters abroad who cast a vote reached 90%. Voters in the UK had the biggest turnout abroad with 97,470 ballots cast.

Updated: 15/10/2019

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