Jubilee European Economic Forum to be held in Lodz

The X European Economic Forum – Lodzkie 2017, will take place 16-17 October 2017 at the Vienna House Andel Lodz, Poland. 

Approximately 3,000 participants will attend more than 30 panel discussions held over two days in October. The group of over 100 speakers includes eminent representatives of the business and academic circles, media and public figures. Topics during the forum include exports of products and services to Asia and Africa, 5G technologies in business, city administration and work-life balance. The event includes a “Strong in Business” gala, organised by the Lodzkie Region.

Lodz as a logistic hub of Central and Eastern Europe

Countries of Asia and Africa are becoming increasingly attractive as export markets.  What products could Polish companies offer to break into these markets? What barriers hinder expansion to Asia and Africa and how can they be overcome? Can Lodz play a significant role in this undertaking? These topics will be discussed by experts in economy, foreign trade, politics, law and logistics. Practitioners who have succeeded in the markets of Asia and Africa will share their experiences as well.

5G technologies for Lodz

With its significant impact on the quality of life, city administration, wireless building control, 5G technology is the next stage in development of telecommunications. For this panel dedicated to 5G technology, the target audience is businesses representing the telecommunications sector and those interested in implementing new solutions in the field of their activity.

These are only some examples of topics to be covered during the European Economic Forum – Lodzkie 2017. Other panels discussions will address such problems as the life-work balance in the contemporary world – and many other subjects.

The “Strong in Business” Gala

The first day of the European Economic Forum – Lodzkie 2017 will conclude with an evening gala, including a ceremony presenting “Strong in Business” – Business Awards of the Lodzkie Region. The statuettes will go to the most active and successful business people whose innovative projects are recognised and appreciated by partners in Poland and abroad.  The gala will open with the Adrian Hosiery Factory fashion show organised by IGO-ART- a company present in the market for 11 years. Owing to the initiative of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs and Employers and the Chili House company, guests shall be guided through the gala ceremony by an male-female duet – Dorota Wellman and Marcin Prokop. A performance by the special guest star, Edyta Górniak will light up the gala stage. The event begins at 8:00 p.m. at the Vienna House Andel Ballroom.

The X – jubilee – European Economic Forum – Lodzkie 2017 is organised by the Marshal Office of the Lodzkie Region, supported by the Lodz Agency of Regional Development. The event targets mainly businesses from the region, representing many different sectors, and is intended as a networking opportunity for those seeking business contacts and inspiration.

The problems to be discussed will include the partnering model of cooperation between companies and local government, as well as cooperation between business and the education system in Poland. More information about all panels, special guests and speakers can be found on the event website.

Attendance is free of charge. Participant registration is underway at www.forum.lodzkie.pl Using a simple pre-selection form, participants may arrange their individual attendance plan and select panels and special events they find most interesting.

Press release by 2mgroup and the European Economic Forum Lodzkie. 

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