Jubilee edition of the European Economic Forum – Lodzkie 2017

Two days of meetings, 31 panel discussions, 100 VIPs from the world of business and politics, ca. 3000 guests. On 16 – 16 October, the Region of Lodz will be hosting the European economic debate for the tenth time.

The participants of the jubilee European Economic Forum – Lodzkie 2017 will concentrate on the problems that are most vital to the Polish and European economy. The panel discussions will be devoted to the future of modern business, the co-operation between local governments and business, to business ethics and state-of-the-art technologies.  The audience will have an opportunity to listen to speeches by the renowned Polish and foreign experts, including the address by the special guest, Günter Verheugen – the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry. Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, Henryka Bochniarz and prof. Grzegorz Kołodko are other eminent guests who confirmed their presence.

A platform to share experience and knowledge and to integrate
Witold Stępień, Marshal of the Lodzkie Region

The European Economic Forum – Lodzkie 2017 is a two-day, cyclical international event and a global platform for the exchange of experience. “Organised by the Marshal Office of the Lodzkie Region, with the support from the Lodz Agency of Regional Development and from the key actors of business and economy in Poland as subject-matter partners. The Forum is a platform of dialogue ad integration for the regional and European business circles, intended to support the process of business networking,” said Witold Stępień, Marshal of the Lodzkie Region.

Owing to the funds provided by the European Union (the European Regional Development Fund) and by the Lodzkie Region local government (We Are Changing Lodzkie with the European Funds), the attendance is free of charge. Year by year, we are observing the growing attendance from small and medium-sized enterprises, who are looking for new business partners and new business ideas here.

For more information, please click here for the event website or click here for the Facebook page. 

Press release by European Economic Forum – Lodzkie.

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