INFINITY officially begins its ascent in Luxembourg

On Thursday 27 April, IMMOBEL LUXEMBOURG laid the first stone of the INFINITY combined urban complex  in the presence of the Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, and the City of Luxembourg’s Mayor, Lydie Polfer.
First stone of the INFINITY project.

The  concept, which, in 2015, won the development competition run by FUAK (Fund for the Urbanisation and  Development of the Kirchberg Plateau) will be built on 10,700 m² of land at the entrance to the European  district. The event marks the revitalisation of a district that has, until now, been given over mainly to the  tertiary and administrative sectors and opens the way to an urban renewal.

INFINITY is therefore a pioneer  in  that  this  is  the first  project  in  Luxembourg  to  offer  a  vertical  solution  rising  to  such  a  height  in  the  residential sector,  thereby providing  the ideal  response  to  the demand for land  resource economy.

The  project architect, Bernardo Fort‐Brescia, travelled specially from Miami to attend the event. Well‐known  for  his  residential  tower  developments  worldwide,  he  is  now  embarking  on  his  second  project  in  Luxembourg with INFINITY. The complex developed by Arquitectonica in cooperation with the Luxembourg  firm  M3  Architectes  will  be  built  to  international  standards,  including  compliance  with  the  BREEAM  “excellent” standards for the design of the office building. The delivery of this project means a change of  skyline for  Kirchberg.  Rising  to a  height  of over  100 metres,  the  complex will  consist  of  three  buildings  catering for the LIVE, SHOP, WORK functions and covering a total area of 33,300 m².

The  Kirchberg  entry  development  concept  offers  a  surprising  series  of  “firsts”  and  is  positioned  as  an  ambitious  and  innovative  project,  a  future  icon  and  a  reflection  of  Luxembourg’s  dynamism.  The  first  residential project designed by an internationally‐known architect, the first high‐rise residential tower, the  first partnership with Quintessentially, the world leader for private concierge services, INFINITY LIVING aims  to be a “new generation” tower.

The building is openly inspired by the luxury towers built in America. With  its  omnipresent  bay  windows  and  previously‐unseen  views  over  the  city,  private  concierge  service,  monumental entrance  hall and  150 high‐end apartments,  the  project  injects a  new  dynamism  into  the  made in Luxembourg lifestyle. With the future “Philharmonie – Mudam” stop at their feet and a position at  the heart of a high‐quality urban, cultural and architectural environment, the inhabitants will have all the  restaurants and shops they need close by.  

The event marks the revitalisation of the district.

“IMMOBEL has been established in Luxembourg for over fifteen years now,” said Olivier Bastin, CEO of IMMOBEL LUXEMBOURG.  “The laying of the first stone of  the INFINITY project is  the outcome of a great deal of background work carried out with  the authorities concerning the many requirements and urban constraints specific to the site and the district. INFINITY is also  a reflection of the new needs of inhabitants in Luxembourg.”

“There’s no doubt that it highlights IMMOBEL’s  expertise in its sector,” she said. “We’ve brought priceless added value to this project in the form of ultimate comfort.  Our project will offer a concept that allows residents to focus on their Quality Time: living in an outstanding  environment, daily life free of most of their domestic constraints, allowing them to give more time to their  leisure activities and the people they love. An outstanding combination of the qualities of the project.”

Press release and photos by Immobel. For more photos of the event: INFINITY. 

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