Global real estate stars at the ULI Poland conference

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The pandemic has severely damaged the picture of the modern world, not excluding the real estate industry and urban living. Are there any proven solutions for adapting to the new reality? How to build more resilient cities and communities? Do we need to change the way we live and work? These are just some of the questions we will seek answers to during the Urban Land Institute Poland Conference: RESETTING TO THE FUTURE, which will be held on October 6-7, 2021, in a hybrid format – online and live at the Raffles Europejski Hotel in Warsaw.

Poland Today is a media patron of the conference and Richard Stephens, founder & editor of Poland Today, is the event moderator

Conference speakers will focus on solutions that support building places resilient to market and social turbulence, and better for living and working. Equally important issues discussed during the conference will be the cities of the future, the changing face of business districts and what these changes mean for cities, investors, and other players in the real estate market. Expert panels will consist of innovators, architects, investors, city representatives and urban planners.

“There is no doubt that Covid has had a profound impact on cities in all parts of the world. Together with other conference participants we will consider whether this is a lasting trend and whether the impact on cities is the same.  Or perhaps cities will reinvent themselves and revive, as has already happened in the past. An example would be New York City, which went bankrupt in the 1970s only to be reborn in the 1990s. I believe we will be inspired by the lively discussion” says conference speaker Dr Tim Williams, International Cities Advocacy Lead, Grimshaw Architecture and Planning, Sydney, who will give a presentation on international urban trends and initiatives in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The annual conference organized by ULI Poland will be an opportunity to exchange experiences gained during the COVID – 19 pandemic. Experts from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Hong Kong, Krakow, London, New York, Paris, Prague, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Sidney, and Warsaw will meet in one place.

“I am very proud of this conference and believe in its great impact. We have invited speakers from around the world who will talk about how cities and the real estate industry are responding to the changes caused by the pandemic and current trends” says Dorota Wysokińska-Kuzdra, Senior Partner, Head of Corporate Finance CEE at Colliers International and Chair of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Poland.

On the first day of the conference, Daan Roosegaarde, a Dutch artist, innovator, and founder of Studio Roosegaarde, will give the inaugural lecture at the gala dinner. His work has been exhibited at the Rijksmuseum, Tate Modern, Tokyo National Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and Design Museum in London, among others. His fascination with nature and technology as well as care for the environment is reflected in his works. His projects include Urban Sun (designed to clean public spaces of coronavirus), Van Gogh Path (a bike path that lights up at night), and Smog Free Project (the world’s first smog vacuum cleaner for clean air in public places).

Another special guest, who will honor with her presence Poland Annual Conference 2021: RESETTING TO THE FUTURE, will be Marion Waller, advisor to the mayor of Paris, who has a significant contribution to the revitalization of the French capital.  She was previously involved in the “Reinventing Paris” project, a competition for innovative urban projects that was subsequently extended to other cities. She is an urban planner and philosopher, specializing in environmental studies. During the conference, she will give a talk on how to build in a more environmentally and socially friendly way.

Lisette van Dorn, European head of the Urban Land Institute, will also speak on the social dimension and ESG strategies in relation to the real estate sector. Kalin Bracken from the World Economic Forum will close the meeting with a presentation on her vision for the future of real estate. Kalin is involved in high-impact initiatives to support the creation of more liveable, sustainable, durable, and affordable buildings and cities.

The conference will also feature discussions on Generation Z, who are just beginning their adult lives and entering the job market.  During the panel, representatives of the young generation will try to answer the questions: how does generation Z live or want to live: in the city or outside of it? Do they own or rent apartments? and whether and how this has changed over the past year?

In another part of the conference Michael Rogers, Urban Design Manager at Arup, will introduce the participants to life in post-pandemic Hong-Kong. He is passionate about cities, the environment and social action, and his motto is “first we shape our cities, and then they shape us”.  Michael has worked on notable projects such as the Jakarta MRT and Dunes Almere. In addition, he is interested in initiatives that promote livable cities, attractive streetscapes and supporting multimodal transportation choices.

Representatives of the Urban Land Institute Poland, whose mission is to educate the community about urbanization processes in cities, believe that the conference will contribute to its implementation, and the resulting conclusions will resonate with professionals involved in the process of shaping the real estate market.

The Urban Land Institute is an international non-profit organization and research institute whose mission is to guide responsible urban planning and development that fosters the creation and strengthening of local communities. The Institute was founded in 1936 and now has over 45,000 members worldwide.

Urban Land Institute Poland has been operating in Poland since 2014, implementing initiatives that enable the exchange of experiences and opinions on the challenges faced by developers, investors, architects, urban planners, and local authorities.

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