Former KGB building in Warsaw restored to glorious palace

SZUCHA Palace and garden
The site where Szucha Premium Offices now stands – a beautiful, classic new development by Polish developer GPG (Green Property Group) – is a place imbued with the history of 20th century Warsaw.

Next to the modern office building, and part of the scheme, is a newly renovated palace named after Maria Agapijev, the wife of the Russian General who built it back in 1895, while Warsaw was under control of Tsarist Russia. During the interwar years the palace played host to the elite of Polish society under the ownership of industrialist and business tycoon Stanislaw Rotwand and then his son Andrzej. After the 2nd World War the palace was placed under the control of the Soviet KGB and served as a kindergarten for the children of KGB officers, while the site of the present day office building served as living quarters for the Soviet operatives and their families. Warsaw citizens were not allowed anywhere near the site.

Thankfully that has all changed now, and the palace and its surroundings have been restored to their former glory by GPG. PropertyEU & Poland Today are delighted to organize the CEE Summit Cocktail Party (as well as an art & sculpture exhibition) on the evening of Wednesday 28th June there.


Photos Courtesy of Szucha Premium Offices 

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