After 27 years of continuous growth, Europe’s fastest-growing economy was boosted by FTSE Russell’s upgrade from Emerging to Developed in September 2018. One year later, on the 15th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the EU, 20 years after joining NATO, and 30 years since Poland became a free market economy, Poland Today will present – for leading international journalists from 25-30 countries around the world – Poland’s business & economic story, and take a look at what lies ahead.

Strategically located between east and west, the 6th largest EU country by population size and 8th largest by total GDP, Poland’s future matters for the future of Europe. And while the economy develops well, the country still faces challenges common to all countries: a shrinking workforce, an aging population, fossil fuels vs renewable energy, how to manage immigration, how to deal with emigration, and many others.

With two major elections coming up in the next 12 months (parliamentary and presidential), these are crucial times for Poland – with major consequences for the country’s legislative, economic and business future.


Find out why Poland has enjoyed almost 30 years of unbroken economic growth, having emerged from communist devastation

Assess how FTSE Russell’s upgrade has affected Poland’s status as an investment destination

Meet a diverse range of business leaders who have helped transform the country into the regional economic powerhouse, and hear what they have to say about the future of their businesses

Find out how Poland is turning to tech companies to take its economy into the future

Listen to the new Mayor of Warsaw and other city mayors talk about their perspectives on the country’s future

Find out from government officials what the government’s plans for Poland’s future are

Hear about the new ‘Solidarity Transport Hub Poland’ scheme, which will see a brand new 100 mln annual passenger airport built from scratch, and the country’s rail system revolutionized with c. 15,000 new rail track laid

Learn more about the country’s seemingly unstoppable growth in the real estate market


DAY 1: 18 September 2019 A Nation of Strong Cities
Arrival of journalists to Warsaw & hotel check-in
Welcome & Networking Lunch
Presentation: Poland, a nation of strong cities
Film "Future of Poland: Cities"
Discussions about business & the economy in Poland, past, present & future
Q&A session with business leaders, experts and journalists
City Tour
Meeting with the Mayor of Warsaw, the Mayor of Poznań and mayors of other major cities
Light supper
Drinks by the Vistula River
DAY 2: 19 September 2019 Poland: Open to the World
Welcome by the Warsaw Stock Exchange & Networking Breakfast with invited companies
Welcome by Poland Today
Presentation about Poland's international activities
Comments by government Minister
Q&A with government minister & international investment agency
Panel: Competing for global capital: Polish companies on the international marketplace
Presentation by Poland Today: international initiative
Networking Lunch
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