A 3rd deep water quay is to be added to the Port of Gdańsk in an EUR 450 mln investment, (...)

PFR Ventures has launched a new fund to invest up to PLN 80 mln each in VC’s that invest in (...)

Warsaw City Hall’s 12,000 sqm lease in Widok Towers office building in Central Warsaw comes at a time of the (...)

The global real estate community heads to MIPIM in September for a shortened 2-day version.

The Coradia iLint train produces zero waste, according to Alstom - only water. The shell of the revolutionary new train (...)

Female participation in traditionally male careers is on the up in Poland. But traditional attitudes are difficult to shake – (...)

Poland Today was recognized as a ‘Media Leader’ at the 2nd ABSL Gala.

Poland is on the verge of experiencing its first generation shift in business since the return of the free market (...)

After the world’s largest container operator, PSA International, sunk $1.3bn into DCT Gdańsk, the Port of Gdańsk has been expanding (...)

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is no longer a concept but a reality in Poland.

Celebrating 90 years of business, LOT has dug itself out of dark times and is now a leader in the (...)

A nationwide drive has laid the foundations for e-mobility to force open a new segment in the Polish economy, but (...)

Poland has been tagged as the ‘dirty boy’ of Europe with 36 of the 50 most polluted cities.

Did you know that Poland is the EU leader in yacht exports or 2nd in video game console exports?

Peter Vesterbacka (of Angry Birds fame) announced he would build the world’s longest tunnel under the Gulf of Finland. Next (...)

Big players are preparing to roll out 5G technology in Poland and through a pilot programme, the city of Łódź (...)

Polish companies are determined to reduce the carbon footprint one light bulb and tire at a time. 

International angel investors are hungry for future-altering technologies in innovation hubs.

Poland’s largest bank, PKO Bank Polski, implemented a blockchain transaction platform.

Campus Warsaw, a Google space for entrepreneurs, has established itself as the heart of the Warsaw start up scheme beyond (...)

The government will make the country one big economic zone, ending the exclusivity of SEZs.

Israeli international startup workspace provider aims to foster a climate for innovation in Poland’s capital

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