chooses Mindspace as new home for R&D team

Startups that are Mindspace members will be able to tap for travel tech innovation through the Mindspace global community, one of the largest travel e-commerce companies in the world and a digital technology leader, is expanding and opening a research and development center dedicated to artificial intelligence technologies. Polish start-ups and SMBs specializing in e-commerce, travel or new technologies can easily tap into the innovation ecosystem thanks to Mindspace’s global business network. has chosen to locate its team in Mindspace’s coworking space in Tel Aviv.

Mindspace office at Hala Koszyki in Warsaw.

“When we started looking for the perfect spot for our new development center in Tel Aviv, we envisioned an inviting and collaborative environment in the heart of the city, and Mindspace was able to deliver on that,” said Steven Morrison, Senior Product Owner at “At this new dedicated research and learning space, we plan to tap into the region’s deep pool of talent to explore how machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as other new and emerging technologies can fuel future innovations in travel. Having the right set-up that inspires imagination and experimentation is key.” choosing a Mindspace coworking space in Tel Aviv for its R&D center also brings new business opportunities for Polish start-ups and companies that have decided to base themselves at Mindspace Koszyki in Warsaw. Thanks to Mindspace’s international business network, they get access to’s R&D team in Israel via the Mindspace community and app, and to the vibrant start-up and technology ecosystems all around the world.

Dan Zakai, CEO of Mindspace

Dan Zakai, co-founder and CEO of Mindspace, said “We’re happy to build bridges between countries, cities and companies. Mindspace is the first global coworking provider in Poland that offers its local community members the chance to cooperate with other innovative enterprises across borders, due to our established and developed business network. We’re honored by’s vote of confidence. Having innovation teams of such great enterprises at Mindspace lets our startups members test their solutions and sometimes scale their products.”

Large enterprises are increasingly using shared workspaces for their business. Rather than working in a conventional headquarters setting, enterprise teams have started to embrace a more flexible and agile manner of working – tapping into diverse sources of creativity and connecting with other driven and inventive companies and individuals. For successful enterprises like, coworking spaces such as Mindspace may very well be the future alternative to the traditional office.

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