2009 – 2018

Decade of lift off. Since the fall of communism in 1989, the 1990s was a decade of chaos and  building from scratch, making an aquarium out of fish soup, as was famously put. The 2000s was the decade of consolidation,  reaching basic standards for business and economic operations, and building confidence. The 2010s have seen the country take off,  a trend that continues in 2018, despite the ongoing political divide within Polish society.

December 13, 2018
1999 - 2008

Decade of new order. Ten years after the shift of 1989, the young democracy was united enough to successfully tackle the dysfunctions that were restraining it during the early years…

January 02, 2019
To insure or not to insure...?

That is indeed the question. Transaction insurance should be a last resort, not a first port of call, in real estate transactions argues Janusz Dzianachowski, Partner at Linklaters…

Written by: Bartosz Stefaniak