1989 – 1998

Decade of transformation. Nationwide strikes in 1988 paralysed the country and forced the communist government into open dialogue with Solidarność. The negotiations paved the way to the first partially free elections in the Eastern Bloc in June 1989 and a peaceful transfer of power in their aftermath. The new paradigm resulted in a transition to liberal democracy and free-market economy. Despite multiple changes of governments, that direction was kept throughout the whole decade and eventually resulted in Poland’s accession to western structures.

December 13, 2018
1979 – 1988
Decade of bankruptcy. As the crisis grew, so did the number of protests. In the wake of negotiations with the regime, an independent trade union known as Solidarność was established and became a mass opposition movement with 10m members. The outnumbered communist party reacted by declaring martial law. In response, the trade union adopted a [...]
December 13, 2018
1999 – 2008
Decade of new order. Ten years after the shift of 1989, the young democracy was united enough to successfully tackle the dysfunctions that were restraining it during the early years of the transition. The country complied with new standards required by membership in NATO and EU. Eventual access to both organisations moved Poland to a [...]
Written by: Bartosz Stefaniak