1959 -1968

Decade of increasing stagnation. After the initial post-war development boom in the 1950s, the ineffective centrally planned economy began stagnating. This led to a general dissatisfaction with the performance of Władysław Gomułka’s regime and a growing demand for reforms. Afraid of destabilising the system, Gomułka was, however, not inclined towards any social or economic changes and eventually turned to a more rigid and authoritarian policy.

December 13, 2018
1949 – 1958
Decade of totalitarianism and relief. After the Soviets installed their administrative structures in Poland and removed any meaningful armed resistance, they transformed the country into a smaller version of the USSR under Stalin's rule. This involved all aspects of social activity. Stalinist influence lasted beyond Stalin's death. Liberalisation from hardline and partial autonomy from the [...]
December 13, 2018
1969 – 1978
Decade of miracle on credit. The unsolvable problems of the centrally planned economy resulted in a roll - ing deterioration of the availability of basic goods. Protests against a rise of consumer prices which erupted in 1970 in the cities on Poland's Baltic coast were forerunners of a change in power. Edward Gierek, the new [...]
Written by: Bartosz Stefaniak