Decade of emerging from chaos. The reborn Polish state faced the challenge of unifying disparate regions which had been part of different countries since the late 18th century and therefore had little or no infrastructural or economic links. This all took place while Poland faced unstable internal and external conditions.

November 19, 2018
Decade of crisis and consolidation. Poland was heavily affected by the Great Depression, yet it successfully overcame it, consolidated its potential and began growing impressively. Unfortunately, dark clouds were already gathering on the horizon, as the international situation became increasingly tense towards the end of the decade. See more: Poland's Century 1918 1919-1928 1929-1938 1939-1948 [...]
December 11, 2018
Looking forward
Poland has come a long way over the last century, but there is room for improvement and although foreseeable challenges lie ahead,there is hope for the future. In a Poland which consistently pushes boundaries in business, creative production and development, the nature of the country’s future certainly appears to be a rich one, bolstered by [...]
Written by: Bartosz Stefaniak