15 years of Polish outlets

NEINVER has created the largest network of outlet centres in Poland – FACTORY Outlets, and has been a market leader for 15 years.

Over the past 15 years, the value of sales in centres in Poland, per m², increased on average by 48%. The number of clients has almost doubled. The sports and fashion outlet offer from the mid-mass market segment remains the strongest, although the presence of premium and even luxury brands is growing.


In December 2002, Warsaw FACTORY Ursus opened, which was then the first outlet in the country. On the Polish outlet map today there are several centres located in different regions of the country – mostly in central and southern Poland. NEINVER has created a network of outlet centres FACTORY (Warsaw: Annopol and Ursus, Kraków, Poznań, and recently also Wrocław).

“The outlet is distinguished by a very good quality-to-price ratio, because customers are looking for attractive brands for which they want to pay less than in traditional shopping centres. And they get this at an outlet,” says Bożena Gierszewska-Mroziewicz, Country Head of NEINVER in Poland. “The pricing policy, the quality of goods and high service standards are always at the centre of our attention,” he adds.

Outlet customers are so-called “Smart shoppers,” who like to spend money reasonably. They visit the centre less frequently, but they do more comprehensive shopping, for the whole family or for the whole season. In Poland, outlets are located on the outskirts of cities, and the development of road infrastructure in recent years has yet significantly approximated them.

First FACTORY Ursus

NEINVER started operations in Poland in 2000. Two years later, it opened the Warsaw FACTORY Ursus – the first outlet centre in the country, and in the following years outlet centres in Poznań, Wrocław, Kraków and Warsaw’s Annopol.

FACTORY Ursus – the first outlet centre in Poland – has significantly developed its offer within 15 years. After the expansion in 2015, it not only gained new spaces, but it also thoroughly modernized the existing ones – inside and outside. An underground and above-ground car park was also built.


December 07, 2017
NewWork enters Polish market of serviced offices

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December 08, 2017
Galeria Północna granted investment loan up to 200M Euro

GTC’s Polish flagship retail project was officially granted the investment loan facility in the maximum amount of up to EUR 200m. Under the original Agreement, Bank Pekao S.A. granted a construction loan facility of up to EUR 116m. Galeria Północna was completed on budget and attracted nearly 2 million visitors in the first two months […]

Written by: Monica Zielinski